TACO Communications Self-Supporting Towers

TACO Communications self-supporting towers are designed to support a large TV or FM antenna up to 3 square feet (.28 square meters) of projected wind area up to 68 feet above the ground without needing unsightly guy wires to help stabilize the tower.

Free Standing Installation A.  Free Standing Installation

Since self-supporting towers are free standing and do not need to be bracketed against a building, they are more flexible in where they can be installed and can be installed higher than bracketed towers without the need of unsightly guy wires.

X Brace Design B.  X Brace Design

With 16 gauge galvanized "X" braces and heat treated aluminum alloy rivets, TACO Communications self-supporting towers are much stronger than tubular bracketed towers.

Beaded Channel Legs C.  Beaded Channel Legs & Larger Hardware

TACO Communications towers feature beaded channel legs made of high strength 16 gauge galvanized steel. Since the tower is constucted of an open design and there aren't any enclosed members on the tower, water can't condensate inside the tower and rot it from the inside out like on tubular towers. Taco Communications towers also have larger size hardware than competitor's towers, greatly reducing the chances of wind shearing off the bolts and causing the tower to fail.

Rotor Plate For Longer Life D.  Built-In Rotor Plate

All TACO Communications towers feature a built-in rotator plate so that the rotator can be installed within the top of the tower. This lengthens the life of the rotor significantly by not putting as much stress on the rotator and looks better than installing it above the apex of the tower. An optional ball-bearing mast bearing is recommended to reduce even more stress on the rotator.

Compact Shipping Bundle E.  Compact Shipping Bundle

TACO Communications towers are shipped complete in a compact 8 foot bundle with concrete base stubs, 1.5" x 8' 16 gauge mast, U-clamp assembly, and all necessary nuts, bolts, and washers, as well as illustrated instructions.

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