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Winegard HD-7697P VHF-HI/UHF TV Antenna

The Winegard HD-7697P is an excellent antenna for weak reception areas that are more than 25 miles away from the desired TV stations.

Winegard HD-7698P VHF-HI/UHF TV Antenna

The Winegard High Definition-Platinum model HD-7697P VHF-HI/UHF TV antenna is an excellent choice for suburban to deep fringe reception areas. The HD-7697P has red hot performance on channels (7-69) and has 2-3dB more gain than even the best antennas that electronic and home improvement stores sell. And unlike most other antennas, Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas have a built-on weatherproof balun transformer cartridge for connection to a 75 ohm coax cable downlead. A separate matching transformer is not required.

Like all Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas, the HD-7697P can survive even the harshest weather conditions. Typical low-end antennas simply fall apart over time due to high winds and even the lightest icing, but the HD-7697P has been engineered for extra strength with high impact ABS girder design element support insulators to help combat these harsh weather conditions. This is why Winegard High Definition-Platinum Series TV antennas can last more than 15 years, unlike other antennas that typically last half as long.

Mechanical Specifications:

   Active Elements  53

   VHF Elements  23

   UHF Elements  30

   Boom Length  131.25"

   Turning Radius  81.1"

   Maximum Width  53"

   Vertical Height  25.3"

   Element Diameter  3/8"

   Net Weight  11.2 lbs.

   Shipping Weight  13.5 lbs.

   Carton Dimensions  102" x 7" x 7"

Electrical Specifications:

TV CHANNEL CH.7 CH.9 CH.11 CH.13 CH.14 CH.32 CH.50 CH.69
dB Gain Over
Reference Dipole
10.9 12.0 10.9 10.8 14.6 12.1 11.8 10.2
Beamwidth at Half Power Points 31° 33° 46° 34° 42° 41° 36° 22°
Front-To-Back Ratio 19dB 17dB 15dB 17dB 11dB 20dB 20dB 12dB
Polar Patterns:

HD-7697P Polar Patterns

Model: HD-7697P
Price: $129.75
UPS Ground Shipping: $24.28 - $51.64
To place an order please contact us.

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